T-Galop: A Louisiana Horse Story

T-Galop: A Louisiana Horse Story (2012; 74 minutes; French subtitles)

Creole cowboys and Cajun jockeys, Cotton Knights and Mardi Gras revelers reveal the long history and blend between Creoles and Cajuns and the horses they love. This equine love affair began more than 250 years ago on the first ranches of South Louisiana. Creoles and Cajuns are some of America’s first cowboys. Not only essential to hard ranch work, horses were often the focus of French Louisiana’s renowned joie de vivre. T-GALOP romps playfully across South Louisiana through professional sports to community rituals bearing witness to a modern horse culture that that was born many centuries ago.

“The bush tracks, it made me.”
—Calvin Borel, Three-time Kentucky Derby winner, Catahoula, Louisiana


“You know, they say `Cowboys and Indians’. Well, we the first cowboy, and the Indian too.”
— Andrew Cezar, Triple C Ranch, Sulky Races, Soileau, Louisiana


“From someone outside looking in at the Mardi Gras, it looks like a mindless drunk. Well, it is a drunk, but it’s not mindless. It’s a celebration.”
— Pat Patterson, Elton, Louisiana


“The purpose of the trail ride is to preserve the black cowboy culture.”
- Randolph Joseph, Big 8 Trail Ride Association


“This is the document that started the cattle industry of this nation. As you can see, eight of the families are Broussards.”
— Charles Broussard, Flying J Ranch, Forked Island, Louisiana


“T -GALOP takes us deep into the horse play and work of French Louisiana. Cajun and Creole cowboy and cattle traditions are revealed from colonial times to present day swimming  herds, bush tracks, zydeco cowboys, mounted Mardi Gras revelers, Cotton Knights, workaday ranchers and famed jockeys. It’s a pleasurable and edifying ride along the largely unknown trail of Gulf Coast cowboy culture”
— Nick Spitzer, American Routes


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